President’s Award for Social Impact

President’s Award for Social Impact
St Luke’s Hospital is the recipient of the Inaugural President’s Award for Social Impact 2012. This new award for non-profit organisations recognises organisational and programme excellence, and commitment and ability to deliver sustainable impact. The hospital was judged on the criteria of leadership commitment, a collaborative spirit, consistency, sustainability, programme results, corporate and financial governance. SLH was conferred the award for impacting the lives of patients and its critical role in building the capacity of the intermediate and long-term care sector. We firmly believe in the power of people and partners who share our passion for patients. Without the dedication and help from our volunteer partners, faithful donors and support from our acute hospital partners, NUH and Jurong Health Services, our mission to reach out to those in need would not be possible.

HEALTH Award by Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH)

At St Luke’s we believe in a holistic approach to good health, which includes the well-being of our own staff. The Helping Employee Achieve Lifetime Health (HEALTH) Award is given by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), statutory board of MOH to organisations that run Workplace Health Promotion programmes to keep their employees fit and healthy. Over the years, the following merits have been awarded to SLH:
  • 2008; 2010 & 2012, 2014 – 2015 – HEALTH (Gold) Award
  • 2006 – HEALTH (Silver) Award
  • 2001 -2005 – HEALTH (Bronze) Award

Healthcare Humanity Award

Healthcare Humanity Award
The Courage Fund’s Healthcare Humanity Award commemorates the courage displayed by Singapore’s healthcare workers during the SARS outbreak in 2003. Since 2003, a total of 22 staff at St. Luke’s Hospital have received the Courage Fund’s Healthcare Humanity Award.
  • Ms Lim Sze Hui, Jean  Occupational Therapist, Rehab Division (2016)
  • Dr Kenny Tan  Chief Operating Officer, St Luke’s (2016)
  • Ms Tan Mui Lan  Advanced Practice Nurse, Nursing Division (2016)
  • Ms Lo Yuk Hing  Senior Nurse Clinician, Nursing Division (2016)
  • Mr Tan Beng Heng  Senior Patient Care Assistant, Nursing Division (2016)
  • Ms Heidi Ho Senior Patients Services Assistant, Nursing Division (2015)
  • Ms Sarah Lo Occupational Therapist, Rehab Division (2015)
  • Ms Sng Bee Li Senior Medical Social Worker, Medical Division (2015)
  • Ms Jasmine Yong Assistant Manager Medical Social Worker, Medical Division (2014)
  • Dr Colin Ngeow Consultant, Medical Division (2013)
  • Ms Theresa Chuah Senior Nurse Manager, Nursing Division (2012)
  • Ms Jenny Oo Manager, Pharmacy Department (2010)
  • Ms Tham Lai Ping Manager, Care Integration Office (2009)
  • Ms Cheung Siew Li Manager, Medical Social Work Department (2009)
  • Ms Tan Poh Choo Senior Assistant Nurse (2009)
  • Ms Christina Choy Assistant Director of Nursing (2008)
  • Mr Gribson Chan Senior Manager, Rehabilitation Division (2007)
  • A/Prof. Tan Boon Yeow Medical Director, Medical Services Division (2006)
  • Ms Kung Beng Keng Principal Physiotherapist (2006)
  • Mr Yau Chuen So Nurse Manager (2005)
  • Mr Kenneth Lam Senior Physiotherapist (2005)
  • Ms Susie Goh Director of Nursing (2003)

President’s Award for Nursing

President’s Award for Nursing
This award is the nation’s highest accolade for the nursing profession recognises outstanding nurses’ contributions to nursing care. On 29 July 2011, Ms Susie Goh, Director of Nursing received the President’s Award for Nurses from President of Singapore SR Nathan. Susie is the first nurse from a Community Hospital to have won this prestigious award. Susie has also previously been honoured with the MOH Merit Nurses Award (2002) and the Healthcare Humanity Award (2003). Watch St Luke’s Hospital’s Sister Susie Goh receiving the President’s Award for Nursing

Outstanding Social Worker Award

The award recognises the outstanding contributions by dedicated social workers in Singapore for their consistent and professional contributions towards the improvement of social service, healthcare, community, ministry or academic sector. Ms Cheung Siew Li, Manager of Social Work at St Luke’s Hospital, did the hospital proud as she received the award from President Dr Tony Tan in November 2014.

MOH Nurses Merit Award

MOH Nurses Merit Award
At St Luke’s Hospital, there is a strong tradition of good nursing care. Our nurses maintain high professional standards and are well regarded for their dedication to their profession and contributions to the community. Our eight MOH Nurses Merit Award recipients are role models of this tradition.
  • Ms Jasmine Tan Senior Staff Nurse (2016)
  • Ms Josephine Tan Nurse Manager (2015)
  • Ms Tan Yuh Lin Assistant Nurse Manager (2013)
  • Ms Tan Soo Keng Senior Staff Nurse (2012)
  • Ms Sandra Wong Senior Nurse Educator (2011)
  • Ms Tham Lai Chun Senior Staff Nurse (2010)
  • Ms Theresa Chuah Senior Nurse Manager (2009)
  • Ms Lo Yuk Hing Nurse Manager (2008)
  • Ms Christina Choy Senior Nurse Manager (2005)
  • Ms Susie Goh Director of Nursing (2002)
  • Ms Asnah Bte Ibrahim Assistant Nurse Clinician (1999)