Financial Information

Charity Status

Charity Registration No.
Charity Registration Date
02 August 1994
Public Company Limited By Guarantee
Date of Establishment
22 September 1992
ROS/RCB Registration No.
IPC Status Effective Date
23 September 2017 to 22 September 2019
A Member of Health Endowment Fund


The principal activity of the company is to establish, carry on and maintain a community hospital for the elderly.

Honorary Advisor

Mr S. Dhanabalan

Board Members

  • Dr Peng Chung Mien Chairman
  • Dr Ernest Chew Chin Tiong Vice-Chairman
  • Mr Choo Eng Beng Honorary Treasurer
  • Mr Jeyaraj Indra Raj Honorary Secretary
  • Mr Khoo Teng Cheong Member
  • Dr Jeffrey Lum Member
  • Ms Tan Wee King Member
  • Mr Samuel Tan Chee Koon Member
  • Assoc. Prof Ho Yew Kee Member
  • Mr Chua Song Khim Member
  • Ms Tan Wan Joo Member
  • Mr Teo Lai Wah, Timothy Member

Key Employee

A/Prof Tan Boon Yeow, Chief Executive Officer


Moore Stephens LLP

Annual Report

Financial Summary

Conflict of Interest Policy

St Luke’s Hospital has adopted a policy for Board members and key staff in the Hospital to declare any possible conflict of interest since 2006. A Conflict of Interest Policy was formalised and approved by the Board in 2008.