• 11 JUL 18

    Intermediate Wound Care Course

    Aims of course:
    • Equip participants with skills in wound assessment and evidence-based knowledge in wound management technique
    • Update participants knowledge of the latest wound care products available
    • Empower participants to challenge themselves in providing holistic wound care for their patients
    • Instill in participants the interest to further develop their knowledge and skills in wound
    Course outcomes:

    Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:
    • Describe the current knowledge on wound management
    • Perform and document wound assessment correctly
    • Apply appropriate wound care products and dressing techniques
    • Plan and implement individual are plan according to patient’s needs
    • Conduct effective patient and caregiver training on wound care
    Course assessment:
    • Case study presentation (50%)
    • Written examination comprising of multiple choice and short answer questions (50%)
    Course outline:

    Day 1:
    • Physiology of wound healing
    • Factors affecting wound healing
    • Types of wounds
    • Criteria of a wound assessment chart
    • Role of a wound nurse
    Day 2:
    • General skin assessment of patient
    • Wound assessment
    • Wound infection
    • Correct techniques of obtaining wound specimen for investigation
    • Criteria of an ideal wound dressing
    • Types of wound products & cleansing solutions
    Day 3:
    • Management of pressure injury
    • Introduction to leg ulcers
    Day 4:
    • Types of stoma
    • Management and complications of stoma
    • Discharge planning and patient education on wound and stoma care
    Day 5:
    • Clinical attachment
    • Case presentation
    Day 6:
    • Clinical attachment
    • Written Test
    • Case presentation
    Day 7:
    • Clinical attachment
    • Case presentation
    • Course evaluation
    Target audience:

    Registered Nurses with: min. 2 years’ experience or had previously attended in-house wound course or St Luke’s Hospital Basic Wound Care Course

    Course fee
    Per pax (full fee) + GST S$3,745.00
    St Luke’s Hospital subsidy S$ 1,000.00
    Nett course fee S$ 2,745.00
    Course dates (2018)

    Run 2 (3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20 & 24 Aug)

    Time: 2–6pm

    Venue: St Luke’s Hospital

    : Email the following details to slwcadmin@stluke.org.sg
    • Name
    • NRIC/FIN/Passport no./Work permit no.
    • SNB registration no.
    • Organisation
    • Designation
    • Email
    • Mobile no.
    • Billing details (attention to, organisation, address)
    • Run no.
    • Please indicate if you have attended any related basic wound care courses or have minimum 2 years’ experience in wound care

    Enquires: Contact Ms Yee Sook Sam at 6895 2782 or slcwcadmin@stluke.org.sg

    Community Care Training Grant

    Agency for Integrated Care’s Community Care Training Grant (CCTG) is available for wound care courses in St Luke’s Hospital, for eligible organisations.

    Please visit http://www.aic-learn.sg/page.aspx?id=1052 for details.