Inpatient Services

At St Luke’s Hospital (SLH), our medical team believes in treating the part and healing the whole for each patient. We offer comprehensive rehabilitative care to ensure patients regain wellness both physically and psychologically for smoother integration back into the community.

SLH has extensive expertise in rehabilitative and geriatric care for patients who have been discharged from acute hospitals such as Alexandra Hospital, but who need a longer period of rehabilitation before they can return home. We offer the following Inpatient medical care:
  • Clinical Care – To assess and determine optimal rehabilitative care for patients needing step down care after being discharged from acute hospitals.
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation – To maximise the patient’s physical functions and delay deterioration through rehabilitative therapy so that they can return home as independently as possible.

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Admission Eligibility

SLH accepts patients with the following profile:
  • Above 40 years old of age
  • All races and religions
  • Medically stable and fit for rehabilitation
  • For patients suffering from stroke, hip fracture, amputations and general de-conditioning, post-surgical / medical conditions


Core Strength and Expertise

SLH specialises in neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation for elderly patients. We make use of the latest rehabilitation equipment e.g. treadmill, bicycles, steppers and body weight harness support to aid in our patients’ rehabilitation process. Our close-knit, multi-disciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals also makes it easier to deliver personal and quality care to our patients.