Supporting Services

Home Intervention Programme

A home-based dementia intervention programme (of up to 6 months) providing support to Persons with Dementia (PWD), as well as equipping family members and caregivers with skills and knowledge to cope better.

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Visiting geriatricians provide clinical support in the areas of sub-acute care, medical training and education. Patients have access to Alexandra Hospital’s wards, diagnostic laboratory, radiological and day surgery services on the recommendation of their attending physician.


A visiting psycho-geriatrician (psychiatrist) provides consultation for difficult behavioural problems or severe depression.


A visiting orthopaedic surgeon helps to review post-fracture patients and those with orthopedic problems in the hospital. This helps to reduce the need to return to the acute hospital outpatient orthopedic clinic for review.

Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine

A visiting neurologist and a rehabilitation physician provide expertise on challenging neurological and rehabilitation cases.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is available for chronic heart and lung conditions, presided by visiting respiratory physician in co-operation with the SLH team.

Dietary Counselling

Dieticians assess the nutritional status of patients and recommend appropriate dietary treatment. They provide nutrition counselling to inpatients, outpatients and their caregivers, as well as advice on hospital kitchen services.

Podiatry Service

Visiting podiatrists provide consultation to cases on in-grown nails, corns and calluses, chronic ulcers, chronic foot problems and other peripheral vascular diseases.

Diabetic Eye Screening

Eye screening for diabetic patients is available with the Mobile Diabetic Retinal Photography (MDRP) team which is carried out monthly.

Dental Care Services

Dental Care Services are available on a weekly basis.

X-Ray and Laboratory Services

Radiological and laboratory services are available.

Pastoral Care Services

The Pastoral Care Service in St Luke’s Hospital is an important element in the holistic care, The chaplaincy team provides counselling and comfort to patients and their relatives as well as to staff who wish to receive it.