We Need your Support!

Mary, 73, an elderly living by herself in a one-room flat. She was admitted to St Luke’s Hospital this year because a bad fall in her bathroom broke her elbow. To make things worse, her money, rice cooker and personal belongings had been stolen from her already bare flat.

“I cried. I didn’t know what to do. I had no more money. How do I pay my hospital bill?”

St Luke’s Hospital’s medical social worker helped her apply for Medifund to pay for her hospital bills. On her follow-up medical appointments, we paid for her escort service, ambulance service and a water heater using the hospital’s Patient Welfare Fund.

With timely healthcare and financial assistance, Mary has returned home and is recovering well.

We need your support

St Luke’s Hospital helps over 2,000 patients and their families each year. The care that they receive makes the difference between a cycle of struggle and a future of hope. Through your contribution, you enable the less fortunate to forge on – over 90% of patients at SLH are highly subsidised. This year we need to raise over $4 million to further subsidise the needy.
To donate online to St Luke’s Hospital via SG Gives Charity Donation Portal, please click here!

Alternatively, you may wish to donate directly to SLH.

Please download the donation form and mail the completed form together with your cheque to:

St Luke’s Hospital
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Singapore 659674
For enquiries related to donations, please call us at 6563 2281
Tax exempt receipt will be issued for donation of $50 and above.