A Mother’s Fighting Spirit

76-year-old Lilian Soh has faced more challenges than most, but her fighting spirit has never wavered.
Her biggest battle began ten years ago when she was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. After a long wait, she finally received a liver transplant that saved her life. It was a difficult recovery, but with the support of her daughter Fiona, she was able to regain her health and independence. 
Last year, tragedy struck when Lilian suffered a hemorrhagic stroke while Fiona was on a work retreat. Lilian was alone and scared, but she knew that she had to fight. Fiona knew that her mother needed the best care possible and arranged for her to be transferred to St Luke’s Hospital for rehabilitation, where she works at as a Nurse Manager. 
When Lilian was first admitted, she couldn’t walk or speak coherently, and she felt like she was drowning in despair. Every day, she shed tears in frustration, wondering if she’d ever be able to get back on her feet again. 
Noticing her low mood, the care team connected Lilian with a Chaplain to care for her emotional and spiritual well-being. Fiona was also a constant source of support, visiting her mother every day before and after her shift, spending as much time as possible with her. 
With the tireless efforts of the care team, Lilian made remarkable progress in her rehabilitation journey. Through speech and occupational therapy, she began to regain her strength and mobility. Her spirit was lifted, and she started to believe that there was hope for the future. 
Today, Lilian continues to visit SLH’s Day Rehabilitation Centre for outpatient rehabilitation every week, accompanied by her helper. On top of therapy, she spends time with her friends and also enjoys tending to her plants. 
Lilian credits her recovery to the team who truly “cared for her as a whole person”, including clinical, social and emotional needs. She knows that her journey is far from over, but she is confident that she will continue to make progress. “I am so grateful to be celebrating another Mother’s Day with my family,” she says. “I couldn’t have done it without them.” 
As Mother’s Day approaches, Fiona wants to express her gratitude to her mother for always being her rock. Lilian’s strength and resilience have been an inspiration to her, and she will always be there for her mother, just as her mother has always been there for her. 
“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. You’re my hero,” said Fiona, her voice filled with emotion. “You’re the bravest, strongest and most amazing woman I know. And I’m so proud to be your daughter.”