Senior Management

Mr Kelvin Lee

Head, Care & Integration

(w.e.f 1 March 2023)

Kelvin oversees the operations and administration of the Care & Integration team, comprising of the referral centre, medical social workers and care coordinators that supports inpatient care, and enhances pre-admission processes as well as post-discharge care. He also leads the Community Intervention Team (COMIT) which advances and supports community mental health. Kelvin served a variety of roles pioneering initiatives, project and resource management across regional and multicultural settings over the last 25 years, leading teams in crisis relief, aid distribution, community development, skills transfer, vocational education, and occupational health and safety. He also spearheaded initiatives that created networks of care for seniors to better age in place. With a Business Diploma in Counselling and a Graduate Certificate in Theology, he seeks to advance positive community changes, engineer platforms to partner, and enable and empower others to do so too.