Musculoskeletal & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

About Musculoskeletal & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Conditions that affect your muscles, bones, joints and ligaments, and lead to impaired mobility and dexterity are known as musculoskeletal conditions. Tendonitis, arthritis, fractures and sprains are examples of such conditions.


These conditions give rise to various levels of pain and discomfort. The most common types of musculoskeletal pain include:

  • Bone pain: This may be the result of injuries such as fractures.
  • Joint pain: Stiffness and inflammation often accompany joint pain.
  • Muscle pain: Muscle spasms, cramps and injuries can all cause muscle pain.
  • Tendon and ligament pain: Sprains, strains and overuse injuries can lead to tendon or ligament pain.


Orthopedic treatment deals with the treatment of bones and muscles. Common ones include:

  • Joint replacement such as knee and hip replacement
  • Back surgery

Common signs and symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders include:

  • Pain, aches and stiffness
  • Muscle tension
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Persistent sleep disturbances

If left untreated, even simple daily activities such as walking, holding objects, may be impacted. 

Muscle tissue can be damaged with wear and tear from activities such as sports as well as daily repetitive activities. Trauma or impact injuries due to accidents, falls, fractures, sprains and dislocations can also cause pain in your musculoskeletal system.

Other causes include strain from bad postures, repetitive movements, overuse or even prolonged sedentary lifestyles.

While many factors can affect the development of musculoskeletal conditions, the main ones are:

  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Activity level
  • Lifestyle
  • Family history
  • Obesity

Patient Stories

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Our Holistic Musculoskeletal & Orthopaedic
Rehabilitation Services​

At St Luke’s Hospital, patient care is holistic, coordinated and individualised. There is also continuity of care from inpatient, to outpatient and even in the community.

Medical Care

  • Medical assessment
  • Pain and symptom control
  • Medical evaluation for example:
    • Holistic fall prevention for patients with fracture
    • Fracture prevention and prescription of medication


Nursing Care

  • Caregiver training


Rehabilitation Care

  • Physiotherapy
    • Exercises to work on walking, strength, balance, aerobic activity and flexibility to help in regaining functions 
    • Pain-relieving techniques
    • Caregiver training and prescription of mobility aid upon discharge


Dietetic Services 

  • Assess nutritional status
  • Nutritional counselling and recommendation of dietary interventions

St Luke’s Community Clinic

  • Regular medical consultations
  • Pain control
  • Chronic disease management
  • Nursing procedures and education on chronic disease management
  • Community Mental Wellness Service including psychologist clinic
  • Primary Care Eye Clinic
  • Dental Clinic


Day Rehabilitation Care

  • Physiotherapy
    • Exercises to work on walking, strength, balance, aerobic activity and flexibility to help in regaining functions
    • Pain-relieving techniques
    • Caregiver training and prescription of mobility aid upon discharge


St Luke’s Hospital is a provider of Gym Tonic, a strength-training programme which aims to help seniors extend their independence and functional years.


Western SilverCare (locally known as “Jin Jia Ho! Bagus!”) 

A community frailty and screening programme initiated by St Luke’s Hospital which reaches out to residents staying in Bukit Batok aged 60 and above to help them stay physically, mentally and socially healthy

Care Coordination Services

Work with patients and their loved ones on care plan and coordination of services


Medical Social Work Services

  • Psychosocial care to our patients and their families
  • Education & counselling for psychosocial and emotional issues
  • Application of financial assistance schemes
  • Linkages to community support service


Pastoral Care Services

Provide a comforting presence and emotional support for patients and their families

Admissions & Appointments

Inpatient admissions: contact or 6895 3290

St Luke’s Community Clinic: contact or 6895 3230

Day Rehabilitation Centre: contact or 6895 3205

Home care: contact or 6895 3204

Charges, Payment, Subsidies & Means Testing