Rehabilitation Care

About Rehabilitation Care

Diseases, injuries or medical treatments may result in the loss of basic abilities. Rehabilitation care focuses on improving the patient’s physical, mental and/or cognitive abilities so that they can regain the ability to perform daily activities such as walking, feeding and toileting.

Many conditions can lead to a need for rehabilitation care. Some of these include: stroke, neurological conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, cancer, cardiopulmonary conditions and geriatric conditions.

Cardiopulmonary conditions

Cardiopulmonary conditions are conditions that affect the heart and lungs. Some examples include: coronary heart diseases, hypertension and pneumonia.


Geriatric conditions

Geriatric conditions are ageing related. Some examples include: osteoporosis, functional decline, general frailty and injuries from falls.

Patient Stories

The Echo of Love

“Strong-willed, a fighter, and ever so precious to me,” Norhayati smiled as she described her aged father.  The 41-year-old, who is the sole caregiver to her father, Mr Kasani, faced a...


Resonance of Resilience

Despite facing major health challenges, from a skull fracture in 1994 to a reopened craniotomy and cyst resection during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Lau never gave up. His road to...


Our Holistic Rehabilitation Services

At St Luke’s Hospital, patient care is holistic, coordinated and individualised. There is also continuity of care from inpatient, to outpatient and even in the community.

Medical Care

Our dedicated medical team, with post-graduate training in family and geriatric medicine, is augmented by visiting specialists to care holistically for our patients with complex clinical needs.


Nursing Care

In addition to general nursing, the dedicated wards for wound, dementia and palliative care are supported by a nursing team trained to manage specific needs. Our nurses also provide holistic care to support patients and their families.


Rehabilitation Care

Rehabilitation in St Luke’s Hospital uses “high-tech and high-touch” recovery strategies and care plans catered to each individual’s needs. Our rehabilitation team consists of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, music therapists and art therapist to meet the needs of patients.


Dietetic Services 

Our dieticians assess the nutritional status of patients and recommend appropriate dietary treatment. They provide nutrition counselling to inpatients, outpatients and their caregivers, as well as advice on hospital kitchen services.

St Luke’s Community Clinic

St Luke’s Community Clinic is a one-stop clinic to meet community healthcare needs. Our multi-disciplinary team provides comprehensive care, with a wide range of services.


Day Rehabilitation Centre

After discharge, clients may continue to receive rehabilitation at our Day Rehabilitation Centre. Our rehabilitation team is made up of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and music therapists where person-centered care is provided. Therefore, our rehabilitation goals are developed together with the patients.


Home Care

For clients who are home-bound, our home care services bring healthcare to you, through Home Medical, Home Nursing and Home Therapy services.


St Luke’s Hospital is a provider of Gym Tonic, a strength-training programme which aims to help seniors extend their independence and functional years.

Western SilverCare (locally known as “Jin Jia Ho! Bagus!”)

A community frailty and screening programme initiated by St Luke’s Hospital which reaches out to residents staying in Bukit Batok aged 60 and above to help them stay physically, mentally and socially healthy.

Community Mental Wellness Service

In collaboration with NUH Department of Psychological Medicine, we run a community mental wellness service for persons aged 25 and above, to manage conditions such as anxiety and mood disorders, and promote mental well-being in the community. The clinic includes psychologist service.

Medical Social Services

Our medical social workers provide psychosocial care to our patients and their families, addressing the psychological, emotional, economic and physical impact of illnesses. These may involve counselling, care arrangement, discharge planning, financial assistance and crisis intervention.


Pastoral Care Services

The answers to some struggles are beyond the reach of medicine and physical therapy. A listening ear with emotional and spiritual support help to lift the spirits of patients and their families.

Admissions & Appointments

Inpatient admissions: contact or 6895 3290

St Luke’s Community Clinic: contact or 6895 3230

Day Rehabilitation Centre: contact or 6895 3205

Home care: contact or 6895 3204

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