Care for the whole person in hospital and at home

Teo Hoe Sie, 81, suffered a stroke and was admitted to St Luke’s Hospital four years ago. He became wheelchair-bound, needed a nasogastric tube for feeding and a caregiver for assistance with his activities of daily living.

After discharge, the hospital continued to care for him at St Luke’s Community Clinic then at home through the hospital’s home care team. Mr Teo’s daughter, Teo Ah Hiang, said, “The team has been responsive whenever we needed their help. This gives me peace of mind.”

The help went beyond medical care. When the caregiver was on home leave, Ah Hiang contacted the hospital for help. When Mr Teo had a toothache, Ah Hiang contacted the home care doctor who arranged for a dental appointment at St Luke’s Dental Clinic.

St Luke’s Hospital cares for the whole person, recognising that people have more than just physical needs. They also have emotional, psychological and social needs. As no two persons or their families are the same, our care is individualised. Our services include day rehabilitation and home care (home medical, home nursing and home therapy), which empower patients and caregivers with choices regarding quality of life.

Dr Ong Cheng Ean visits Teo Hoe Sie at home to check his condition, update his family and prescribe medication.