#GoSilverSG Stories: The Joyful Journey of Acting & Learning

Choo Hou Ren, 69


"Learning and growing in my work and in life – that brings me joy!"

Veteran actor Choo Hou Ren is a household name to many. At 69 years, he has 36 years of acting experience and around 80 drama series under his belt. He recalls the early years and acting lessons with great fondness, and credits his solid foundation for the multiple acting awards won over the years.

As Singapore’s population ages, Hou Ren sees it as his responsibility to convey important messages through his roles and “wants to be a positive influence through how I live my life”. When members of the public chat with him, he finds joy in engaging with them and providing insights into his characters or issues surfaced.

Hou Ren with wife, are life-long learners, eager to learn new things every day.

As an actor, Hou Ren also finds joy in honing his craft. His philosophy is whether in work and in life, one must not rest on one’s laurels but to keep learning. “I will still keep learning, especially from the younger artistes, as they show me a different facet of the role that I didn’t see before.”

Hou Ren believes that one’s attitude towards learning and growth is crucial at every stage of life. Hou Ren reiterates, “Sometimes, some of us carry the wrong thinking that we don’t need to learn anymore when we have reached a certain phase in life, but we must get rid of such faulty mindsets. Just like in filming, everyone plays a significant role and has something to contribute to the story so we must also learn from one another in life.”

Adapted from 'Being Silver', a St Luke's Hospital publication