Community Active
Ageing Programme

Western Silvercare (locally known as ‘Jin Jia Ho! Bagus!’) is a community screening, prevention and active ageing programme initiated by St Luke’s Hospital to help Bukit Batok residents aged 60 and above to be healthy, physically, mentally and socially. The programme includes health screening by our nurses, exercises by our physiotherapists and health coaches, as well as a range of other activities onsite at our partnering Senior Activity Centres and Active Ageing Centres.

To make enquiries, contact our team:

Hotline: 6895 3283
(Mon - Fri, 9am to 5pm)


  • 60 years old and above
  • Singapore Resident living in Bukit Batok

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*Illnesses include hypertension, diabetes, cancer (other than a minor skin cancer), chronic lung disease, heart attack, congestive heart failure, angina, asthma, arthritis, stroke and kidney disease (total 11)

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We partner with the following organisations to bring Western Silvercare to seniors within the community.

  • Fei Yue Active Ageing Centre 
  • Tzu Chi SEEN @ Bukit Batok



Nurses are onsite for consultation about ailments and one-to-one health education. Referrals to polyclinics/GPs/healthcare institutions for further consultation will be made if required.

WOW (Working Out to Wellness) Exercise

Developed by St Luke’s Hospital’s physiotherapists, the programme includes balance and aerobic components which focus on reversing or reducing frailty among seniors. Conducted in groups with safety measures, seniors will also get to know one another and make new friends.


St Luke’s Hospital’s Community Nurses and Dietician provide tips for good nutrition.


The HAPPY exercise programme helps seniors improve their mental well-being, memory, functional ability and strength.


A community that engages in activities like cooking classes, games, outings with our partnering centres.