Home Intervention Programme

Providing Support For Dementia Patients and Caregivers

St Luke’s Hospital Home Intervention Programme is a home-based dementia intervention programme providing support to Persons living with Dementia (PWD), as well as equipping family members and caregivers with the skills and knowledge to cope better with their caregiving role.

Having meaningful mental and physical engagement in the familiar home environment can improve the quality of life for PWDs and their families. Our Home Intervention (HI) Team would advise on suitable activities for caregivers to engage the PWDs meaningfully as well as strategies on managing behavioural and psychosocial symptoms of dementia. The team also provides linkages to appropriate community support services to allow PWDs to age in place within the community. The team comprises healthcare professionals (Medical Social Workers, Nurses or Care Coordinators) trained in dementia care.

Ways other SLH services link to this programme

  • Clients in HI can be referred to St Luke’s Community Clinic (SLCC) for their medical needs such as management of dementia and complex chronic diseases. 
  • Support for behavioural management, rehabilitation care and caregivers’ training.

To make enquiries,
contact our team

Hotline: 6895 2794


What We Provide

  • Comprehensive assessment by Nurse Care Coordinator and Medical Social Worker
  • Patient engagement and coaching of caregivers on activities suited for the PWD
  • Behavioural and psychosocial interventions and strategies
  • Support and education for family members and caregivers to better manage the symptoms of dementia
  • Care coordination service
  • Linkages to community support services (dementia day care service, caregivers support group, home personal care, etc.)

How To Refer

We accept referrals from:
  • Hospitals, Specialist Clinics, GP Clinics and Polyclinics
  • Family Service Centres, Senior Activity Centres, Community Service Providers (e.g. day care centres) and Cluster Support Services, etc.
  • Grassroot Organisations (Residents’ Committees, Community Clubs etc.)
  • Can be self-referred
To make enquiries, contact our team: 6895 2794 or email homeintervention@stluke.org.sg Charges: Not chargeable