#GoSilverSG Stories: Conquering Limits with a Smile

Patricia Soh, 65

Outpatient, Hydrotherapy, St Luke's Hospital

I encourage everyone doing therapy to have fun and make the most of the experience.

Ms Patricia Soh, 65, had always kept to a busy routine consisting of work, household chores and caring for her elderly mother. She enjoyed participating in a wide range of activities and classes, like hiking, Zumba, swimming and aqua exercises, art making, ukelele and cooking.

Her lifestyle took a drastic shift in August 2022, when the left side of her body became paralysed after brain tumour surgery. Coupled with a lung infection, her stay at the acute hospital lasted 3 months. After her discharge, Patricia started exercises at the Day Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) of St Luke’s Hospital (SLH) for over a year. “The physiotherapy exercises twice a week helped me to come so far,” she shared. In August 2023, to further improve her limb strength, balance and confidence, she signed up for weekly Hydrotherapy sessions by SLH conducted at St Joseph’s Home.

Today, Patricia continues to attend Hydrotherapy sessions and the Gym Up programme at DRC.

She added, “I enjoy the hydrotherapy sessions and would like to do it every day, if I could. I thank all the therapists for their patience in helping me achieve my goals. They even accompanied me to take public transport and escalators at the nearby mall, and now I’m able to do it by myself. Their encouragements really helped me to get through tough times.”

Today, Patricia continues to attend Hydrotherapy sessions and the Gym Up programme at DRC. Outside the hospital, she does exercises at the fitness corner near her home every alternate day, and yoga stretches every morning. “Perhaps it was God telling me to slow down. While I cannot go back to my old self, I am thankful to be able to walk and move my hands again,” she said.

With her helper’s assistance, Patricia now cooks and bakes more for her family. She continues to keep a positive outlook, strengthened by her Christian faith and supported by her close group of friends at church. She also looks forward to picking up new skills like pottery and returning to her old loves like swimming.