Despair to Hope

Bearing the imminent pain in her left leg, Mdm Afidah’s every step echoed with the agony she had feared for two years. Eventually, driven by an unbearable pain that sent shockwaves through her body, she sought out a doctor’s consultation. 

Upon reviewing the wound, the doctor conveyed the grim reality of amputation as a last resort to halt the relentless infection, plunging Mdm Afidah into a world of despair. Waves of regret washed over her, reflecting on a seemingly harmless insect bite that, in hindsight, should have received prompt attention. Faced with this harsh prognosis, she was determined to retain her limbs despite it all and wanted to seek a second opinion. 

Upon sharing the distressing news with her family and some of her close friends at work, they want to explore other alternatives. A colleague of hers then suggested St Luke’s Hospital (SLH), known for its specialisation in wound treatment and having witnessed successful outcomes from her aunts’ experience with the hospital Clinging to a glimmer of possibility, Mdm Afidah requested a referral to SLH, recognising the need for a specialised touch in addressing deep wounds like hers. 

“The wound care team and especially Sister Josephine Tan, meticulously ensured that each debridement, dressing, and treatment course minimised the pain. Witnessing my wound healing with each session was a relief. Their attention to detail, expertise, and consistent monitoring were invaluable. Yet, what truly stood out was their encouragement. They believed in the healing of my wound, and they made it happen. I am truly thankful,” recounted Mdm Afidah. 

Having been discharged from SLH, Mdm Afidah is now thrilled to return to work, eagerly stepping into this new chapter of her life with a renewed sense of strength and positivity.