Ensuring Medication Safety And Easing Worries

Managing multiple medications may be a daily routine for some patients, however it is not an easy feat especially when certain medications require strict adherence. Poh Bee Tin, 64, who suffers from high cholesterol, heart condition and diabetes, has to ensure that she consumes the correct medication at the right dose and time. One of her medications, the blood thinner, requires strict adherence. If incorrectly consumed, might increase the risk of stroke.

Bee Tin has been a patient at St Luke’s Community Clinic (SLCC) since 2019. Staying alone, she has to manage her medications by herself. Knowing her situation, pharmacists at SLCC decided to go the extra mile to manage the challenge that Bee Tin faces. They help to organise, extract the relevant medications and pack them into pill boxes. With this initiative, Bee Tin is now assured that she is taking the right medicine. She said, “I would be very confused if they did not pack the tablets for me. If I were to take the wrong medicine, something very serious might happen to me.”

Bee Tin is grateful for the convenience and assurance rendered by the pharmacists of SLCC. Most importantly, not having to worry about consuming the wrong medication.

Pharmacist Pearlynn Wong organises and explains the medications to Poh Bee Tin to ensure that she takes them correctly and safely.