Five-Party Memorandum Of Understanding To Strengthen Community Care Services In Bukit Panjang

With a joint vision to deliver collaborative and seamless care services for elder communities, Fei Yue Community Services, New Life Community Services, REACH Community Services Society, St Luke’s ElderCare and St Luke’s Hospital have joined hands to better serve the Bukit Panjang community.

A sector-first, five-party Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed on Thursday, 26 October 2023. Representatives from five community care organisations – Chief Executive of Fei Yue Community Services Mr Arthur Ling, Executive Director of New Life Community Services Mr Steve Kon, Chief Executive of REACH Community Services Society Mr Michael Lai, Chief Executive Officer of St Luke’s ElderCare A/Prof (Dr) Kenny Tan and Chief Executive Officer of St Luke’s Hospital A/Prof (Dr) Tan Boon Yeow signed the MOU.

This MOU embodies the collaborative spirit between the community care organisations. REACH Community Services Society and St Luke’s ElderCare had established a sector-first consortium to jointly operate an Active Ageing Centre (Care) in Teck Whye Vista and a Senior Care Centre in Senja Valley by 2024. Another sector-first consortium was established between New Life Community Services and St Luke’s ElderCare to operate an integrated Nursing Home and Active Ageing Centre (Care) in Jelapang, slated for operations in 2026.

This pioneering geography-specific collaboration aligns with Singapore’s Healthier SG strategy to build a future-ready and integrated care ecosystem. Leveraging each organisation’s expertise, resources, and existing infrastructures, the five parties aim to deliver synergistic and compatible care solutions, bringing focus upstream through its preventive health and active ageing initiatives, and enhancing care within the Bukit Panjang community. The five parties will also share training opportunities and resources to develop and strengthen senior services within the precinct.

Fei Yue Community Services provides a network of Active Ageing Centres, caregiver support and respite services. REACH Community Services Society will bring expertise on mental health, counselling and intergenerational initiatives while adding vibrancy through its extensive volunteer network. New Life Community Services will enhance Active Ageing experiences for seniors. St Luke’s ElderCare will provide dementia day care, maintenance day care and nursing home services in addition to providing clinical and community nursing expertise, care management, and access to caregiver training. St Luke’s Hospital will support as a community hospital, offering outpatient clinic and community support services such as consultancy, training and clinical reinforcement of health and social care providers. This ground-up partnership offers a continuum of care, from active ageing, to senior care centres and nursing home services, in line with the Healthier SG initiative.

A joint statement by the representatives, “This inclusive partnership highlights our commitment and desire as community care organisations to co-own, co-create and prioritise the healthcare and social needs of senior residents in Bukit Panjang. By sharing available resources, we supplement each other’s areas of strength, tapping into each other’s expertise to provide coordinated, convenient and quality services for the seniors under our care.”