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From 1 – 30 June 2024, celebrate the joys of positive ageing and raise funds for patients with St Luke’s Hospital’s #GoSilverSG campaign!

Themed “Joyfully Silver”, this year’s campaign encourages Singaporeans to embrace the joyful experiences and opportunities that come with ageing.

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Choo Hou Ren, 69
"Learning and growing in my work and in life – that brings me joy!"

As Singapore’s population ages, veteran actor Hou Ren sees a responsibility to convey important messages through his roles and “be a positive influence through how I live my life”. When members of the public chat with him, he finds joy engaging with them and providing insights into his characters or issues surfaced.

Jeyaraj Indra Raj, 70
"Enjoy and live each day to the fullest – that is my mantra"

Indra Raj continues to care for the community while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. His day usually begins at 5am with a 30-lap swim with his wife, followed occasionally by a 9-km walk. After developing asthma due to the pace of working at law firms early in his career, he started exercising regularly and soon it became a lifestyle habit.

Patricia Soh, 65
"I encourage everyone doing therapy to have fun and make the most of the experience."

Patricia’s lifestyle changed drastically in August 2022, when the left side of her body became paralysed after brain tumour surgery. For over a year, she attended St Luke’s Hospital’s Day Rehabilitation Centre. In August 2023, to further improve her limb strength, balance and confidence, she signed up for weekly Hydrotherapy and has enjoyed each session ever since.

Victor Chan, 72 | Ngai Hin Kwok, 75 | Qian Hong, 67
"We encourage all Singaporeans to see the joys of exercising and to keep active!"

Meet Team Strong Silvers, Singapore’s very own exercise motivators and “Granfluencers”! Since October 2013, the group has been promoting active ageing through various national campaigns and can often be found at neighbourhood exercise corners.

Victor Cheong, 79
"As I age, I still want to give back to society and spread joy to others"

Picking up paper quilling at the age of 67, Victor Cheong kept true to his life’s mantra: “Never stop learning, and never stop teaching.” He now volunteers at St Luke’s Hospital as a paper-quilling enthusiast with his wife, teaching patients the know-hows on the exquisite craft.

Amidah Binte Ayob, 66 
"You're never too old. The more you move, the younger you'll feel!"

After attending the Western Silvercare programme by St Luke’s Hospital, Amidah found that engaging in light exercise alleviates her body aches and uplifts her mood. After each session, she enjoys accompanying her friends to the market and having breakfast together. She enthusiastically encourages her neighbours to join the programme as well.

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