Healing Wounds, Restoring Hope

For weeks, Mdm Baldeep Kaur, 61, lay on her hospital bed — her eyes closed as she tried to block out the pain emanating from the ever-growing wound on her left shin. With no signs of healing in sight, she had almost resigned herself to living with the pain. 
The unexpected ordeal started after her toe surgery. She had developed dry skin on her lower legs, and constant scratching led to tiny wounds that refused to heal. Before long, a serious infection had set in, leading to months of hospitalisation and pain ahead. 
A glimmer of hope emerged when a nurse suggested St Luke’s Hospital, known for its expertise in wound care. While hesitant at first, the hope of finally finding relief convinced her to give it a try. 
“I was feeling depressed. I wasn’t confident that my wound would heal,” recalled Mdm Baldeep, when she was first admitted. 
As different wounds require different treatments and products, the multi-disciplinary team customised a treatment plan for her wound, which was severe and deep enough to expose the tendons underneath. She started negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), where fluid and infection were drawn out from the wound to promote healing. 
Observing Mdm Baldeep’s persistent low mood, Nurse Manager Jasmine Tan often reassured her of her progress, and even personally performed wound inspection and changed the types of wound dressings that promote wound healing. To support her emotional and spiritual well-being, pastoral counsellor David often prayed with and for her, and accompanied her to the hospital’s chapel weekly on her request. 
After a few months, her left shin wound was finally healing. A smaller wound on her right leg has also healed and no longer requires weekly compression bandages. “It felt as though a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I felt like myself again,” said Mdm Baldeep. 
Nurse Manager Jasmine Tan says, “Seeing her wound progress from non-healing to healing is a reward in itself. While her condition was challenging, appropriate and effective treatment has helped to promote healing and reduced the risk of infection. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance, mindset, and what the right kind of care can achieve.” 
In the near future, Mdm Baldeep looks forward to returning to her current job as a patient service associate in healthcare. With this experience, she is now able to deeply empathise and put herself in the shoes of others, and most importantly, tell others not to give up. 
“This ordeal reminds me that even in the most challenging of circumstances, hope can always be found. SLH didn’t just treat my wounds, they also restored my hope and faith in recovery to live life fully — and positively — in the years ahead.”