“I am not afraid of dying.”

Simple tasks like talking, eating or lifting an arm come effortless to most of us, but these daily common tasks are challenging to Mr Low. Diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and being dependent on an oxygen mask for every breath, Mr Low refused to let his illness define him. Holding steadfast to his pragmatic and can-do attitude instead of succumbing to despair, he channeled his energy into doing the things he loves, art and crafts.  

Mr Low knew his time was limited and started creating beautiful paper crafts which he used to decorate his bed and the ward. With each design piece, he poured his dedication into every fold and snip, blessing his creations and sharing them with the people around him, spreading joy and positivity wherever he went. Recipients of his crafts would often praise his workmanship; and he would exclaim proudly, “The Lord has helped me to learn many things by myself, including the handicraft skills.”

When asked about how he was coping with his illness, Mr Low simply replied, “If you have to go, you have to go. I try to take each moment as it comes.” And while he knew that discussing his eventual death with his grandkids may be uncomfortable, he believed that it was important to prepare them for his passing. He made sure to spend quality time with them, creating happy memories that they could hold onto after he was gone.  

“I told them that Gong Gong will have to go one day, but not sure when. For me, it’s the peace knowing that my children and grandchildren are well-taken care of and are in good places in their lives. That’s enough for me. I am not afraid of dying, it may be a relief from pain. I will be safe in the arms of God.” 

To Mr Low, an active grassroot volunteer, nothing is more important in life than demonstrating grit in the face of challenges and giving back to others.  

His unwavering determination to overcome adversity and his selflessness in helping those around him were the hallmarks of his character, defining him as a beacon of hope and inspiration.