“I want to recover quickly and go back to work”

“I want to recover quickly, I want to go back to work because it is my responsibility,” said stroke survivor Mohd Zain.

Zain, 52, was a driver with an active and purposeful lifestyle. For example, when he was not working, he would be playing badminton, volunteering in the mosque or doing housework. After his stroke in 2019, he was wheelchair-dependent and came to St Luke’s Hospital for inpatient rehabilitation. After discharge, he receives outpatient rehabilitation in the Day Rehabilitation Centre. Knowing that he is a hands-on person at home, Zain’s therapist asked him to manoeuver a paint roller on a wall, to improve shoulder muscle control. Zain bought a paint roller that day to continue exercising at home.

He is also able to mop and clean windows at home. The motivated father of three takes his “homework” seriously and has come a long way. The housework is his “exercise” to help him to walk without any walking aid. “I can even stand on my left leg for as long as 20 seconds!” he exclaimed. He hopes to go back to driving for a living.

Zain has some encouragement for fellow stroke survivors, “For us to become strong again, we must go for physiotherapy. Physiotherapists teach me how to move and get better. So, I learn for my own benefit. I am thankful to my therapists. When I missed some sessions, my hands and legs became stiff again.”

 Zain uses a paint roller to improve his shoulder muscle control, with encouragement from a physiotherapist.