Infection Surveillance And Prevention (Intermediate)

Course objectives:

Surveillance is an essential component of an effective infection prevention and control program. It is an organised method for collecting, analysing and sharing information to improve the outcome being measured. Therefore, it is important for nurses to understand the surveillance methods, data collection, analysis and interpretation to prevent or reduce infection rates.

Course Content:

  • Understand the principles of epidemiology
  • Understand the definition and objectives of surveillance
  • Understand the essential elements for surveillance of healthcare associated infections
  • Learn the surveillance methodology
  • Learn the process of collecting surveillance data
  • Learn how to calculate and analysed surveillance data
  • Learn the importance of communicating results of healthcare associated infection surveillance
  • Learn how to identify healthcare associated infection outbreak from surveillance data

Who Should Attend: Enrolled Nurses & Registered Nurses

Competency Mapping (CCSSF):

  • Infection Control
  • Perform Infection Prevention and Control Initiatives

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