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Our patients may have cancer, pneumonia, dementia, stroke, fractures and may have undergone surgery and amputation. They may have lost a limb, an ability, a job. All of them have lost their health. Patients know they are not alone when volunteers bring cheer to patients, lift their spirits and help promote recovery, because people have more than just physical needs.

St Luke’s Hospital “cares for the whole person” by providing physical, emotional and psychosocial care and facilitates activities such as musical performances, and art and craft. Volunteer activities include:

  • Patient escort*: accompany patients for medical appointments at acute hospital
  • Art & craft facilitator: help patients enjoy creating something of their own, such as balloon sculpting*, paper quilling*, painting, clay work
  • Game facilitator: interact and play games with patients such as Bingo, memory games
  • Performer: sing, play music, dance, juggle, magic shows or other performing arts such as piano, guitar*, hand bell*, xylophone*
  • Professional: editing, copywriting, photography, video, graphic design
  • Office work: such as internet research, data entry, typing, coordinating, sorting, packing

Regular and ad-hoc volunteers are welcome.

Orientation is available. *Additional training is provided as indicated.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. They include:

  • Working adults who volunteer their individual skills based on their interests and professions, such as medicine, dentistry, photography, design and music. Some volunteers work behind the scenes, such as office work, fundraising and volunteer coordination.
  • Corporate volunteers who volunteer their strengths and skills to do what they do best, and improve teamwork and morale among different groups of employees. Meaningful corporate giving benefits charities and companies.

We are currently only facilitating virtual volunteering. To find out more, email

All successfully registered volunteers will undergo a volunteer orientation. Further training is provided for specific duties.

Read about the stories of our volunteers.



Richard Tay, a retiree of 18 years, has dedicated his time and energy to St Luke’s Hospital. He accompanies patients who are unable to go on their own to medical appointments at acute hospitals for specialist treatment.



David Saw’s kidney condition led to swollen legs and limited mobility. The 71-year-old man shopped for groceries online, until the online shop shifted to another platform.



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