For more than three decades, Mdm Zaina had dedicated her life to caring for others as a nurse, offering solace to those in need. Little did she imagine that the hands that once comforted others would one day require healing themselves. 

Late last year, an unsettling sense of unease gripped Mdm Zaina as her heartbeat started racing uncontrollably. Seeking help at a polyclinic, she discovered that her blood pressure had soared dangerously high. The doctor advised her immediate admission to the emergency department. 
Within a mere 30 minutes of hospitalisation, fate struck mercilessly – Mdm Zaina suffered a stroke. She had lost the ability to move, sit up, and even had difficulty recognising her loved ones.
She was later transferred to St Luke’s Hospital (SLH) for post stroke rehabilitation to improve her strength, balance and mobility. The multidisciplinary team worked together to improve her functional ability and quality of life. 
Staying alone in a one-room rental flat, she was most worried about coping at home post-discharge. Her social worker, Edmund Seah, became the guiding light for her and her family. 
Together, Edmund worked with Mdm Zaina’s two sons to explore options and discuss care plans, enabling Mdm Zaina to focus on her recovery. To defray the ongoing costs of her care, Edmund also applied for financial support and grants to ease their financial burden in the journey ahead. 
In December 2023, Mdm Zaina left the hospital, stepping into a new chapter of her life.  
As her full-time caregiver had not arrived yet, Edmund managed to secure interim caregiving services for her – bridging the gap until full support could be established. 
Today, in the warmth of her new flat situated nearer to her son’s home, Mdm Zaina cherishes her newfound sanctuary. 
With determination, she slowly regains her independence – walking short distances and finding joy in simple pleasures like watching television or taking a stroll downstairs. She looks forward to further improving her mobility by continuing rehabilitation at the Day Rehabilitation Centre. 
In the quiet moments, Mdm Zaina still dreams of the future. She looks forward to sharing a meal with her lifelong ex-nursing colleagues-turned-friends outside one day. 
“The compassionate care provided to me by SLH uplifted not just my health but my whole spirit. I am eternally grateful to all the staff who truly embody the spirit of serving, loving, healing,” she shared, her voice echoing gratitude.