Launch of the First Social Media Fundraising Campaign in conjunction with St Luke’s Hospital 25th Anniversary

St Luke’s Hospital (SLH) is launching #GoSilverSG, a social media campaign as part of its Silver Jubilee celebrations. #GoSilverSG is the first-ever “Silver Hair” social media fundraising campaign that aims to defy the general stereotypes of ageing in a fun and light-hearted manner via social media, and convey the key message that age is just a number.

This year, charities face a steeper challenge as the economy remain unpredictable under the shadows of COVID-19 pandemic, and corporations as well as individuals remain cautious with giving expenditure. Nonetheless, charitable activities need to continue to help our less privileged patients recover, return home, and reintegrate back to the community.

With continued restrictions on physical events, SLH is exploring new ways to raise funds through social media and other virtual platforms. The inaugural #GoSilverSG social media campaign that runs from 1 August to 30 September 2021, provides a safe and interesting way to raise funds for our patients, who are mainly from low-income families.

#GoSilverSG encourages the general public, of all ages, to post a silver hair photo (through the use of a filter) of themselves on Facebook and Instagram.

We have garnered the support of social media influencers to reach out to their followers. Corporate donors have also come on board to pledge their support.

“The last 16 months ever since the pandemic started have been a difficult time for everybody, both for individuals and for businesses. But the most vulnerable are the elderly, especially if they are infirm and alone. They are invisible to society and often do not have a voice. St Luke’s Hospital was built to cater to the elderly, and especially the needy. Through this campaign, we aim to engage the young to see the presence of this group of vulnerable elderly, and to help us raise funds to help them. We also aim to promote active ageing, and to positively reframe the notion of growing old — that it is a normal part of life, and that with the right mindset and approach, quality of life is still possible as we age. We hope that you will support this campaign. You can do so with your donations, or even by simply participating!” says A/Prof Tan Boon Yeow, Chief Executive Officer, St Luke’s Hospital.

The campaign hopes to raise $250,000 for St Luke’s Hospital

Over the past 25 years, St Luke’s Hospital has played a pivotal role in transforming community care for the elderly and has expanded its core services spanning rehabilitation, dementia, wound, palliative care, and outpatient services. In caring for the older patients at our hospital, we see the importance of inspiring our silver generation to embrace ageing with a positive mindset. Adopting the right mindset can be a pre-determinant to a better rehabilitation outcome.

Visit slh.org.sg/gosilver/gosilver to find out more.