Looking forward to look after wife

Royston Luke Reutens, 85, had looked after his wife at home. She has poor vision and he helped to administer her eye drops daily. He did most of the household chores including cooking.He was at home with his wife when he felt “a change” in his walking. He was admitted to an acute hospital and had surgery for a brain bleed. As his wife had no one else at home to care for her, she moved in with her brother.After surgery, Royston transferred to St Luke’s Hospital. He needed a wheelchair and medication to control his blood sugar level. His memory also declined. He was downhearted but the warmth of hospital staff helped him “feel at home”. He said, “The staff are very friendly, they call you by your name. Every morning, the nurses and doctors would greet you and talk to you.”He warmed up quickly to the “friendly and helpful” therapists and enjoyed rehabilitation. From being wheelchair bound, he progressed to using a rollator frame. Occupational therapy such as counting money and “buying” items at the hospital’s “mini-mart” in the gym also helped prepare him to return home. He is happy to be able to care for his wife again.

Royston Luke Reutens waves to other patients as he walks with his physiotherapist, Vincely Prem Kumar.