Loving till the end

Theresa Ng felt peace of mind when St Luke’s Hospital staff told her “don’t worry, I will take care of him”.

Her husband had cancer. He was “always very uncomfortable” and had to be moved often to help him to find a comfortable position, said Theresa. She did not have the strength to do that and found it difficult to cope. She heard about St Luke’s Hospital from her friends, and her husband was admitted to the hospital’s dedicated palliative ward. “When I am working, I also feel more peace to know that someone is taking good care of him,” said Theresa. Before he passed away, hospital staff did one more thing for the couple, so that they could remain united in love.

The multi-disciplinary palliative care team at St Luke’s Hospital works with patients and caregivers in a dedicated palliative care ward to provide quality of life and alleviate suffering, helping patients to live well before leaving.