Medication Management (Basic)

Course objectives:

Proper medication management is increasingly important in an ageing population with complex care needs
especially within the ILTC sector. This short course aims to equip support care staff with basic medication
management knowledge and it has been designed to focus on the common ailments and health conditions of
the elderly client.

Course Content:

  • Treat clients with dignity and respect by being aware of and supporting personal perspectives; values, beliefs, culture and preferences; respecting their privacy while encouraging independence of the individual; and listening to each other and working in partnership to design and deliver services
  • Interpreting information on client’s medication records
  • Checking and verifying medication against prescriptions
  • Communicating with client in relation to administration of medication
  • Assist in administration of medication to client in accordance with doctor’s prescription (*for care support staff only)
  • Monitoring client for effects
  • Providing advice on the need for compliance in relation to self-administration of medication
  • Escalating all identified effects and/or complications
  • Documenting updates on non-compliance, administration of medication in accordance to legal requirements, organizational policies and procedures

(*Please note that administration of medication for care support staff are subjected to individual’s institutional policies and procedures approval. Licensing regulations may defer from different institution.)

Who Should Attend: Support Care Staff (Nursing Aides)

Competency Mapping (CCSSF):

• Assist to verify medication records
• Administer prescribed medication

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