Moving On With Life

Embattled by cancer since more than 10 years ago and a metastasis resulting in the amputation from hip down on one side, Mr Lye Wee Fong, 66, is now going to places with his wife, despite being left with only one leg.

When Mr Lye was undergoing rehabilitation in St Luke’s Hospital, his ward’s pastoral counsellor David Foo approached him. Mr Lye told him, “Although I look OK outside, there are struggles within me.”

Mr Lye was regretful about his health status and the financial situation it has landed upon him. David continued to engage him to ensure he had the emotional and psychosocial support that he very much needed.

Before discharge, Mr Lye’s social worker helped him to apply for a fully subsidised motorised scooter to enable mobility independence despite his physical disability from the amputation. Now, he looks forward to simple pleasures like going to the hawker centre or to the park with his wife.