Navigating life as a new amputee

Wrestling with poorly controlled diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia, 74-year-old Mdm Tan experienced sudden excruciating lower limb pain one night, resulting in the loss of her legs within 12 hours.

The decision to amputate her legs was driven by necessity rather than choice. Since her admission, the multidisciplinary team at St Luke’s Hospital (SLH) has been dedicated to supporting her, helping her adapt to her new life as an amputee. By focusing on practical solutions, such as building her upper body strength, the team prioritises both her physical recovery and mental well-being.

Despite the support from her sons and hired help, Mdm Tan’s daily tasks now come with a set of challenges. “Life threw me a curveball. Now, I’m figuring out how to swing with it,” shared Mdm Tan.

“Losing my legs was tough. It still is. I miss being able to go to the market and cooking for my grandchildren. I can still do so now, with the aid of a mobility scooter,” she added.

Today, Mdm Tan has been discharged and looks forward to having a reunion dinner with her family.