Year 2019
May 2019

13th wound conference (12-13 apr 2019): speakers' slides

May 09, 2019

13th Wound Conference: Wear Anything Except Wound Dressing

Guest of Honour: Professor Zee Upton
Research Director, Institute of Medical Biology
Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

Keynote Speaker: Associate Professor Gojiro Nagakami
Department of Biological Nursing / Visualised Nursing, Division of Care Innovation
Global Nursing Research Center & Department of Wound Care Management
Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Speakers’ slides (click on the topics to view slides)

Topics Speakers
Novel biofilm detection system to offer biofilm based wound management A/Prof Gojiro Nagakami
Peripheral vascular disease Dr Ng Jun Jie
Take TIME to prepare for closure – It’s all about the bed Dr Divya Panicker
Engaging patient & family in wound management Ms Kathy Lam
Identification and management of wound infection Mr Emilio Galea
WO2und Care (HBOT in chronic wound) Dr Divya Panicker
Management of the complex hard to heal wounds Mr Emilio Galea
Robotic mattress: A new frontier for pressure distribution A/Prof Gojiro Nagakami