Year 2020
February 2020

Non-clinical hospital employee confirmed as COVID-19 case

February 18, 2020

We have been informed that a non-clinical employee has been tested positive for COVID-19. The employee was tested on 17 February and the confirmed test result was on 17 February afternoon. She is linked to the cluster at Grace Assembly of God Church.

The affected employee does not work in the wards or clinics and has no direct contact with patients. The hospital is supporting the affected staff to render her all necessary support.

Colleagues who have close and frequent contact with the employee have been notified and have been working from home since 17 February, until further notice. The employee’s work area also underwent deep cleansing and disinfection on the same day.

The hospital has been taking precautions according to MOH guidelines. Measures include:

  1. Twice-daily temperature taking by staff including those not involved in patient care. Staff who are unwell are advised not to come to the hospital,
  2. Screening of visitors through health and travel declaration, and temperature taking,
  3. Limitation of visitors according to DORSCON levels.

When Singapore entered DORSCON Orange, the hospital took additional steps that include the separation of staff into multiple teams to prevent cross infection.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation to ensure the well-being of staff, patients and partners.






  1. 所有职员,包括不为病人提供直接医护的职员,每天检查体温两次。依照指示,职员若感觉身体不适,应立即请假,并且避免前来医院。
  2. 为访客进行体温检测和问卷调查,申报他们的健康及出游记录。
  3. 根据卫生部疫情爆发应对系统DORSCON 级别指引,限制访客人数。