Year 2019
July 2019

Stroke Rehab: Assist clients In Stroke Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy domain) basic level - part 1

July 15, 2019

Upcoming course dates will be announced later.

Stroke rehabilitation is an important part of recovery after stroke. Join this course to gain fundamental knowledge of stroke rehabilitation and learn to assist clients in their rehabilitation.

Course objectives

  • An overview of stroke care
  • Understand principles of stroke rehab and neuroplasticity
  • Appreciate patient-centred care model
  • Identify abnormal sitting and standing posture
  • Recognise common compensations in body posture of persons with stroke
  • Perform practical skills including:

‐Bed mobility and transfer

‐Basic lower limb rehab intervention with proper positioning and handling

‐Range of motion, muscle strength and muscle tone basic assessment

Course outline (4 half days)

Day 1:

  • Overview of stroke
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Patient-centred care

Day 2:

  • Normal sitting and standing posture
  • Abnormal sitting and standing posture
  • Bed mobility and transfers

Day 3:

  • Common compensation patterns
  • Basic assessment and handling skills
  • Stretching and limb exercises; use of aids and equipment

Day 4:

  • Skills competency assessment