Patient Stories
Year 2018
December 2018

Singing, treating and healing wounds

Saw Tong Seng had blisters on his leg which worsened. The wounds hurt and made it hard for him to walk.

He was admitted to St Luke’s Hospital for wound care. Nurses cleaned and treated his wounds, talked to him and even sang to him, to distract him from the pain. His wounds were cleaner than ever and he went home.

After discharge, the hospital’s home care team continued to follow up with him. Tong Seng said the home care nurse was “kind and provided a very good service”, teaching him how to look after his leg and look out for new blisters.

A pioneer in wound care, St Luke’s Hospital has a dedicated wound ward (the first among community hospitals) to care for patients with complex wounds and fight the war against limb loss. Reducing infection, amputation and cost increases quality of life for patients. The hospital also trains other healthcare institutions in wound care, with its intermediate wound management course accredited by the European Wound Management Association. In 2017, the Agency for Integrated Care awarded St Luke’s Hospital Community Wound Centre a tender to conduct wound courses.

Saw Tong Seng with his care team at St Luke’s Hospital.