Patient Stories
Year 2018
August 2018

A spring in his step, a smile on his face

Odd-job worker Chen Ling Fatt is his family’s sole breadwinner, supporting his wife and two sons. He worked a few part time jobs including at a coffeeshop.

After suffering a stroke, he couldn’t walk without help or talk without slurring. Even smiling was difficult. His son Joshua was sad when he thought of his dad in that state.

Ling Fatt received intensive rehabilitation exercises daily at St Luke’s Hospital. Recognising the importance of family involvement, his therapists built rapport with him and Joshua. By taking part in some exercises with his son, eg throwing a ball back and forth, Ling Fatt found the exercises more enjoyable. Therapists also taught Joshua the exercises he could do with his father outside of therapy sessions.

In the second week of his stay, Ling Fatt could walk by himself. Joshua was pleasantly surprised when he saw how fast his father could walk.

Ling Fatt too was surprised at his speed and was glad to walk around the hospital with his family. Another positive change was in his disposition. Initially quiet when admitted, Ling Fatt developed rapport and “有说有笑” (talk and joke) with his nurses and therapists. He greeted them with a big smile and cracked jokes.

Joshua beamed and added, “My dad has a nice smile now.” Both Joshua and his dad have decided to volunteer at St Luke’s.

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Stroke survivor Chen Ling Fatt regained his ability to walk and laugh at St Luke’s Hospital.