Patient Stories
Year 2022
January 2022

Behind the scene

Chin Choo enjoying the yam cake with a fellow patient.

Aside from the patient’s pyjamas and the hospital environment in the backdrop, you would think that Ho Chin Choo, 65, is back at home, tending to her garden, making snacks and sharing it over a casual afternoon tea with her friends.  

This is what Occupational Therapists (OT) behind the scene (or in this case, also the camerawoman behind the lens) wish to achieve — to rehabilitate their patients back to independence and allow them to continue with their daily activities as much as possible. Occupational Therapists empower clients to discover their potential and capability through the use of activities that are meaningful to them. 

Chin Choo was hospitalised for rehabilitation after a spinal surgery due to degenerative spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis. This condition caused her to experience chronic lower limb pain and weakness. At the initial phase of rehabilitation, in view of occasional knee bucklings, she expressed concerns about her ability to resume her daily activity routine.  

During OT sessions, her occupational therapists found out that her interests lie in gardening and cooking.  Understanding Chin Choo’s interests, the OTs created opportunities for her to participate in therapeutic gardening and making yam cakes in group sessions.  

Chin Choo was delighted to be able to cook again as it is her wish to continue to cook for her husband who is on dialysis.  She expressed that she didn’t expect that she will be able to do all these after her condition and is now hopeful to regain her functional abilities. She looks forward to practise her newly acquired skills to make yam cakes and plant kangkong beside her pots of flowers and non-edible plants along her corridor.  

Join us in appreciating our rehabilitation colleagues this week as we celebrate Occupational Therapy Day.  

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