Patient Stories
Year 2019
September 2019

Enriching lives through technology

David Saw’s kidney condition led to swollen legs and limited mobility. The 71-year-old man shopped for groceries online, until the online shop shifted to another platform.

“All I could find was fashion items on the website,” he said. Since then, he took taxis to buy groceries from a place where he could “avoid taking any stairs”. These taxi trips cost him time, money and tired him out.

When he was admitted to St Luke’s Hospital, he received more than just clinical care.

David was among 100 participants to receive guidance from 40 HP Inc. volunteers at a carnival on 1 June 2019 in the hospital to use their smartphones and better navigate the digital world. David can shop for groceries online again. Other patients learnt to add contacts into address books, take photos and videos.

“When seniors understand the benefits of technologies, they can utilise them as part of their daily lives and better connect with their loved ones and the people around them,” said HP Inc. Singapore Managing Director Ronnie Lee.

Participants also customised cards for their loved ones at the digital print booth and enjoyed magic performances arranged by the volunteers.

The vision of HP Inc. is “to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere”.

HP Inc. volunteers show David Saw (left) and other patients how to use smartphones and enrich their lives.