Patient Stories
Year 2018
August 2018

Brimming with optimism

After his toes were amputated because of a diabetic foot infection, Halik Bin Amri came to St Luke’s Hospital. While warded, nurses taught him how to handle his insulin injections and needles, something he did not manage to learn after his operation.

During inpatient rehabilitation, he was initially sceptical about the exercises he was asked to do. He soon regained confidence with his therapists’ help when he saw a fellow patient walking after a few sessions in the gym.

Looking at Mr Halik now, with his smile and his stride, onlookers wouldn’t know he had his toes amputated until they see his foot. Mr Halik brims with optimism and happiness in his stride. Touched by the care and friendship of hospital staff, Mr Halik would visit his ward to catch up with his newfound friends whenever he returns for outpatient rehabilitation.

He said: “I cannot repay what the staff at St Luke’s Hospital have done for me. They see me as more than a patient, they see me as a friend. They greet me when they see me outside the hospital. Our friendship does not end even outside the ward.”

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Mr Halik (centre), with his care team, brims with optimism after he could walk again.