Patient Stories
Year 2018
July 2018

Getting back on his feet

Once an avid sportsman, Gabrieyel Guna started feeling chronic pain in his left knee for two years and finally went for total knee replacement surgery. He was then transferred to St Luke’s Hospital for rehabilitation. After discharge, his right knee hurt too and he had a second operation in an acute hospital. After surgery, he asked to go to St Luke’s Hospital though he did not live near there.

He was in pain after surgery and could not imagine getting through rehabilitation. His therapists “are committed and don’t give up” on patients, he said. “They are well-trained” and “really explain” what he could do. With their help, he could walk on his own three weeks after his second operation.

To ensure his safety at home after discharge, therapists visited Gabrieyel’s home and suggested modifications. His sister, who was home, witnessed the thoughtful service and jested that he was “being pampered”.

Gabrieyel chose to go back for day rehabilitation after discharge and also wishes to volunteer. He feels that St Luke’s Hospital, with its caring culture, is like a part of his family. He fondly recalled the therapists who encouraged and motivated him, the compassionate nurses who cared and greeted each patient by name, and the service ambassadors and cleaners who were courteous.

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