Patient Stories
Year 2018
July 2018

Nothing keeps her down

Subathra d/o V Manickam first came to St Luke’s Hospital in 2008 after hip replacement surgery. She chose to come back again after spinal surgery in January 2017.

Next came a stroke. She returned to St Luke’s Hospital for speech therapy. When she told her speech therapist about chest pains she felt at home, the therapist immediately asked Ms Subathra to see the doctor at St Luke’s Outpatient Clinic. Ms Subathra had a heart attack, literally.

Throughout the ups and downs in her health, Ms Subathra has one constant in her life: the friendly and warm St Luke’s Hospital nurses and therapists. She visits them whenever she is back for follow up care.

She is now thinking about volunteering at St Luke’s Hospital to help other patients and repay the kindness she had received as a patient there.

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