Patient Stories
Year 2018
July 2018

Passion and compassion

After Hafsah Mohd Ali had total knee replacement surgery, she asked to be transferred to St Luke’s Hospital for rehabilitation. This was her second time to be warded at St Luke’s Hospital. She wrote a letter to our hospital after her second discharge. Below is an excerpt from her letter.

“I asked to be transferred to St Luke’s Hospital as I was so satisfied with the treatment I received a year and a half ago. Well-trained alone without passion and compassion would not make a good nurse. This is so also for physio- and occupational therapists. When I asked one therapist how he could have such patience towards elderly patients, he answered: “They are like our parents!” The compassion showed towards patients impressed me the first time I was there. I have recommended friends’ parents to St Luke’s Hospital and will continue to do so.”

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