Patient Stories
Year 2019
April 2019

“Travel time”: from one hour to 15 minutes

Lim Beng Choon, 58, was a petrol station attendant. He has multiple conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, scoliosis, hernia, osteoarthritis of both knees and gout. Three years ago, he went for surgery, then went to St Luke’s Hospital for inpatient and outpatient care.

With his weak heart and legs, he needed a walking frame after hospital discharge. He took one hour just to walk from one end of his block to the other. After that, he would be exhausted and in pain. He could no longer go to work.

To travel from his home in Clementi to the hospital in Bukit Batok for therapy, he needed to take MRT and two buses. It was safer for him to take a taxi.

Beng Choon worried about the cost. Without a job, how could he afford multiple taxi trips for therapy? Without therapy, how could he get better?

His social worker from St Luke’s Hospital helped him apply for transport subsidy from the hospital’s patient welfare fund. This covered most of his taxi fare. In effect, what he paid out of his pocket for taxi fare was what he’d pay if he took bus and MRT.

With outpatient rehabilitation, Beng Choon progressed. With a walking stick instead of a walking frame, and with little pain, he could walk from one end of the block to the other in 15 minutes. He could eat at the coffeeshop and visit his sister in the neighbourhood. He continues with rehabilitation so that he can travel beyond his neighbourhood.

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Transport subsidy from St Luke’s Hospital patient welfare helped Lim Beng Choon continue with outpatient rehabilitation.