Patient Stories
Year 2018
August 2018

Walking again without pain

Lee Siew Lan transferred to St Luke’s Hospital for rehabilitation after her third spine surgery. When she was admitted, she could not sit or stand without help, and walked unsteadily with a walking stick. Her hip and left leg also hurt.

Within two weeks of rehabilitation, Siew Lan could get up from her chair on her own and walk steadily with her walking stick. She said, “The exercises were very vigorous. They really help me to walk.” The pain in her hip and leg was also “totally gone”.

As Siew Lan used to bring a trolley bag whenever she went out, her therapists also trained her to walk with the bag, as part of individualised care for patients.

In the ward, nurses made Siew Lan feel “at home”. She said, “They are always smiling, hardworking and never show any unhappiness. They make the ward lively. I’m going to miss them when I go back home.”

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Lee Siew Lan undergoes rehabilitation, including “shopping” at mock-up supermarket shelves. With individualised care, therapy helps patients regain the ability to carry out their activities of daily living.