Pre-Admission, Admission & Discharge

Inpatient Care at St Luke’s Hospital

At St Luke’s Hospital, we care for patients holistically through clinical, social and pastoral care, helping them to recover and return home safely.

Admissions are usually for:

Rehabilitation care

Patients who require assistance to improve their physical function through physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and/or other forms of therapy, before reintegrating into the community.

Sub-acute care

Patients recovering from sub-acute medical conditions and require an additional short-term period of medical stabilisation, nursing and therapy-focused care.

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Our Process

Admission for inpatient care is through referral by hospitals, medical specialists or general practitioners. All cases will be screened for admission suitability. Please see our FAQ for more information. For enquiries, you may contact or 6895 3290.

St Luke’s Hospital’s referral team will contact the next-of-kin of the patient on matters such as financial counselling, visiting policy, charges and initial discharge care plan.

Before arriving at St Luke’s Hospital

The referring hospital would arrange the transport of patients to St Luke’s Hospital. Admission timings are usually within office hours.

Arriving at St Luke’s Hospital

Upon arrival, patients will be brought to the ward to be attended by the ward team.

For admission procedures, patients’ next-of-kin can proceed to the Business Office (located on level 1).

A multi-disciplinary team including doctors, nurses, therapists, medical social workers, pharmacists and pastoral care staff will look after you.

Doctors with post-graduate training in family and geriatric medicine are augmented by visiting specialists. Your doctor may refer you to other healthcare professionals such as dietitian.

Nurses care for you around the clock. They will help you with medication, monitor your vital signs and, if needed, help you with toileting.

Therapists may assess you and advise you about the type, frequency and duration of rehabilitation.

Medical Social Workers may help you with enquiries on community resources and financial assistance.

When will patients be discharged?

Based on each patient’s individualised care plan and recovery progress, our care team will advise on the estimated discharge date.

After discharge

Our Care team will advise on the recommended follow up, which may include:

  • Medical appointments at St Luke’s Community Clinic
  • Outpatient rehabilitation at our Day Rehabilitation Centre
  • Home care for clients who are home-bound

Community & Social Support

St Luke’s Hospital care coordinators will follow up with patients via phone calls or home visits to check to ensure they are coping well at home. Our medical social workers may also recommend community or social support programmes to facilitate patients’ return to the community.

In addition, we also run programmes for caregiver training and caregiver support groups.

Available Beds

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Charges, Payments, Subsidies & Means Testing

Visitor Information

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Any patient who is 40 years or older can be admitted for medical care and rehabilitation.
  • Of any race and religion; and
  • Medically stable for physical rehabilitation or continuing care.
  • For patients suffering from stroke, hip fracture, amputations and general de-conditioning post surgical / medical conditions


  • Have unresolved social problems / discharge plan
  • Have drains, traction, or require heavy spinal nursing care
  • Require assisted ventilation

*Criteria for inpatient palliative care may differ from the above.

Yes. Patients have a choice of their step-down care institution. You may approach your primary team/doctor in your acute or primary care setting, or community hospital referral team of the hospital you are warded at and inform them of your choice.
Singapore citizens or permanent residents may select the ward class of their choice. We encourage you to choose the appropriate ward class, taking into account financial factors such as availability of insurance coverage and MediSave balance. * Non-subsidised wards are available for non-resident patients.

No. The allocation of ward is subject to bed availability.

The typical duration of each stay ranges from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the individual needs and condition of each patient.

A discharge plan is a customised plan to cater to the patient’s care needs post discharge. Most patients are discharged to return home but with scheduled follow-up appointments at our Day Rehabilitation Centre, St Luke’s Community Clinic or with Home Care Services. Some patients may be discharged to long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes.

The cost of your hospital stay varies according to the admission type (Rehabilitation, Sub-acute Care or Palliative), length of stay and treatment needed. Please refer to our charges, payment and subsidies page for more information.