Physiotherapy Value-Adds to Recovery

While most of his friends prefer to be cared for at home after their knee-cap surgery, for Chia Hock Jin, choosing to undergo post-surgery rehabilitation at St Luke’s Hospital (SLH) made all the difference.  

The 76-year-old retiree was transferred to SLH after a knee-cap surgery on his right leg due to a worn-out cartilage. Recognising the importance of therapy to be “as important as the surgery itself”, he looks forward to his daily physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions to improve his quality of movement and regain his ability to carry out day-to-day activities.  

In fact, having a dedicated therapy routine was one of the main reasons he wanted to be admitted at SLH. Speaking fondly of his physiotherapy sessions at the Inpatient Gym, he recalled doing various simulations, such as climbing the stairs and crossing the road. “These are the little details that are important and practical in our daily life, but if not for the professional team’s advice in the hospital, I would not have thought to practise them should I have gone directly back home after the surgery,” Mr Chia said warmly. 

Mr Chia crossing the road at the Inpatient Gym, which mimics the distance of a real-life traffic light crossing. He is assisted by Therapy Assistant Francis Khaw during his physiotherapy session.