Regaining Confidence And Independence

After a fall which led to a hip fracture and subsequent surgery, Sim Teck Hock lost much of his mobility overnight. He was transferred to St Luke’s Hospital and after a period of rehabilitation, he regained his ability to walk. However, another challenge awaited him. Although Teck Hock yearned to return home to his one-room flat, he had lost the confidence of coping alone at home and felt apprehensive.

To help Teck Hock, 84, return home safely, the hospital’s senior occupational therapist Tham Pei Xin and social worker Janelle Cheong made a trip to his home with him before his discharge. They enlisted the help of the Senior Activity Centre staff and together cleared his home to ensure it was free of clutter to prevent falls. Teck Hock would also not need to worry about his basic needs as Janelle arranged for meal delivery, housekeeping services and transport for his medical appointments.

The day came and his transition back home was smooth. Teck Hock was delighted to be home. Ong Sock Lee, the hospital’s care coordinator, also visited him to ensure that he was managing well. On top of asking after his well-being, she checked that he was taking his medication, that there was adequate supply, and that his blood pressure level was stable.

Teck Hock is grateful for the help from the hospital and from Sock Lee, “She is very patient. She takes care of me well, what I lack or what I need, she knows.” With the support given, he has adapted well back home and has regained the confidence to take care of himself and be independent again.