Rehabilitation Professions: Prescribing Powered Mobility Devices (Intermediate)

Course objectives:

This course provides an opportunity for therapists to gain knowledge and skills in the usage of powered mobility and how they can be applied in clinical settings. Participants will be introduced to different powered mobility equipment and their usage. They will learn the assessments that are commonly used to assess and evaluate the skills of their clients before prescribing the equipment. Participants will learn and apply the principles of proper seating in powered wheelchair. Participants will be given useful information on how to train their clients using the equipment.

Course content:

  • Outline the common uses of powered mobility devices (PMD)
  • List different types of PMDs
  • List the different parts of PMD
  • List the appropriate input device/method (controllers)
  • List the role of Occupational Therapists in prescribing PMD
  • List the principles of proper seating on PMD
  • List the common assessment tools & evaluation process
  • Identify guidelines available for new users
  • Demonstrate skills in setting up and using different PMD
  • Demonstrate ability to evaluate new users of PMD
  • Demonstrate ability to evaluate existing powered mobility users
  • Able to train new users for PMD
  • Identify the progression of usage of PM (indoor & outdoor)


Who Should Attend: Allied Health Professionals (Occupational Therapists with NIL to limited experience using Power Mobility)

Competency Mapping (CCSSF):

  • Perform Wheelchair Handling (Powered)
  • Assist in Mobility Training for Clients
  • Assist in Conducting Mobility Training on Powered Mobility Devices (PMDs)

Course Fee: $690.00

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