Senior Operations Executive (Food Services)

Responsibilities and Duties:

Food Service
· Oversee the entire operations of hospital food services inclusive of the Outsourced Food Service Vendor, Food Service Ambassadors (FSAs) and Internal process owners (stakeholders);
· Provide secretariate support of regular meetings with internal and external stakeholders (account holder meetings with appointed Food Service Vendor, Hospital Food Service Committee etc.);
· Review and implement improvement initiatives to the hospital’s food service.

Manage Vendor
· Work with Food Service vendor to ensure that the provision of patients and staff meals in accordance with hospital’s therapeutic guidelines, and hospital safety requirements;
· Conduct audits with Food Service Vendor based on Hospital and national food safety standards in accordance to Licencing and Audit (L&A) requirements;
· Prepare and analysis service statistics and prepare reports;
· Work closely with Food Service Vendor to implement and monitor strategies to overcome audit findings and service gaps.

Provide Frontline Service
· Manage patients and stakeholders’ feedback;
· Manage patient and staff complaints with the food service;
· Perform service recovery with Food Service Vendor when necessary.
· Reporting to Senior Management at the Health Quality Steering Committee (HQSC);

Perform risk and quality management
· Review and propose food service policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and standard work instructions (SWI);
· Oversee the implementation of food service quality policies and procedures;
· Identifying problem areas and gaps, recommend and implement solutions;
· Execution of designated food service emergency response tasks and business continuity plan.

Manage Team
· Manage the deployment of Food Service Ambassadors in the wards;
· Manage FSAs to ensure accurate patient food orders and timely submissions;
· Evaluate staff’s training needs;
· Plan and provide training to FSAs;
· Conduct competency assessments of FSAs.

· Degree with minimum 2-3 years’ experience in food service,
· Healthcare experience would be highly advantageous.
· Good communication and interpersonal skills.
· Problem-solving skills
· Proficient with Microsoft Office applications.
· A team player with initiative and excellent service attitude.
· Ability to multi-task and work independently in a fast-paced environment.