Senior Speech Therapist


Clinical Duties 

  • Provide clinical supervision and consultation to enhance rehab service standard. 
  • Assist to establish evidence based practice through the means of guideline, protocol and equipment 
  • Provide direct clinical service to a general or specialized group of patients 

Administrative Duties 

  • Coordinate rehab team to enhance manpower usage and good rehab standard.  
  • Follow up improvement after auditing. 
  • Involve in procurement of equipment and allocation. 
  • Maintain equipment and its inventory. 
  • Assist to organize staff and caseload coverage. 
  • Assist to lead in staff meeting which is related to rehab service standard. 
  • Appraise junior STs. 
  • Incident investigation and reporting. 
  • Assist in introducing measures to enhance efficiency and work safety. 

Education and Training 

  • Follow up individual staff training plan 
  • Assist in organize drill and audit to ensure staff competency 
  • Coordinate departmental in-service training planning, project and individual  training plan to progress the rehab development. 
  • Enhance staff specialization and skill specialize 
  • Assist in building up successor at different level 
  • Provide clinical training to junior staff. 
  • Assist in leading research activities and projects. 


  • Recognised Msc or Degree in Speech Therapy from an accredited institution
  • Full registration with the Allied Health Professions Council
  • At least more than 5 years of experience as Physiotherapist in the community setting
  • Experience in project management preferred
  • Able to work well in a team and also independently
  • Competent in using Microsoft Office software
  • Possess management skills, leadership skills and problem-solving skills